Thursday, January 14, 2010

Get the Glow

Glowing Skin can make so much of a difference in how people see you. Of course there are many factors in how our skin looks, from diet and exercise, cleansing habits, products, hormones and even stress.

If you don't have a dietitian and facialist on the payroll, (and even if you do) the best way to cheat it is with skin luminizers and bronzers.

But where to apply?? I always apply to the hairline across my forehead, from my temples to cheek bones to jawline in a figure "3" stroke and of course the bridge of my nose.
Here are a few of my favorites:

Laura Geller Illuminizing Color Wash in Sun Kissed -

This stuff is great. It gives you an all over glow with a hint of sun. You will look awake and illuminated!

Stila All Over Shimmer Liguid Luminizer -

I like to use this in the corners of my eyes and the cupids bow of my lips for buextra pop.

MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Light Flush -

This is what I use for a night on the town. It has maximum staying power.

Guerlain Teracotta bronzing brush -

This stuff is amazing! Not only does this bronze tinted gel make you look like you stepped off the beach, it makes your face look flawless!
Smashbox Fushion Softlights in Sunset -

This is more of a sublte glow. I use this for day when I want a fresh face that doesn't look too made up.
Benefit 10 Duo -

This is the best of both worlds, luminizer and bronzer in one. Great for on the go!

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