Thursday, January 7, 2010

Where there's smoke...

One make up trend I love is the smokey eye. I always choose to play with dramatic eyes rather than dramatic lips. I think there is just something simply glamorous about it.

There are many ways to do a smokey eye. It be subtle for day like Charlize Theron, middle of the road like JLO and Jessica Alba or really dramatic for night like Kim Kardashian.

I know for some it seems like an impossible task--to create a smokey eye without looking like they got punched in the face--twice. Here there are a few palettes all available at that come with instructions that make it easy.

And if the smokey eye still leaves you confused...check out You Tube. There are tons of girls who have mastered their own techniques and have kindly posted tutorials that show you how!


  1. Thanks for this. My co-workers were just talking about how hard it is to make smokey eyes. I am going to forward this to them!

  2. Amazing! They are all so beautiful. I also go with dramatic eyes over lips. So much more sexy in my opinion.

    Happy Weekend,