Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Vegas Baby

I am planning a trip to Vegas for Memorial Day weekend and it's never too early to start planning one's wardrobe.
Everyone knows that when it comes to Vegas mixing sex appeal with fashion is key.

Right now I am in the market for a pair of black heels to go with all my sexy little dresses that I intend to rock at the various night spots around the Strip. I have been debating whether or not to go with a strappy sandal, a more classic style or something completely edgy. Here are a few I pulled from Aldoshoes.com for some ideas....any thoughts??

Macnamara - aldoshoes.com
Withey - aldoshoes.com
Geringer - aldoshoes.com
Vanhove - aldoshoes.com

Hippley - aldoshoes.com

Kindla - Aldoshoes.com


  1. The 3rd one looks nice. :D Just remember to take a cab / limo going from one night spot to another. These heels will kill your legs!

    Happy Tuesday!:D

    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  2. Geringer! The peep toe might pinch your toes :(

  3. all are really cute.. but the Geringer has my eye..

  4. My b/f would like the second one because its classy/sexy.....I find male types like this style most...........Although its a bit 'plain' depends on your outfit?

    One thing is that because of the exposed ankle it makes your legs look longer..

    Oh and one thing I found was that since I'm from Toronto (where the fashion is similar to New York due to its similarity in climates..) my clothes were what youd call 'edgy' - black slashes or sheer drapes etc. but I found the fashion in Vegas to be more LA type - colourful tropical flashy sexy?

    Anyway whatever you choose you'll look gorgeous so :D

  5. EDGY!!!!!

    Geringer or Kindla.

    I did, The Look for Less on Geringer not too long ago... F21 has a less expensive version!

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

  6. I like a lot of them, you couldn't go wrong with any! LOVE Vegas!

  7. the 2nd and the last pairs are my fav! They are all pretty great though. xoxo

  8. I love the first one and the third one!

  9. Oh fun I'm headed to vegas that weekend too! Though my vegas experiences aren't really exciting any more - my parents have a house there and I used to go out there almost every month but now I really just go to visit my mom and shop/eat :) Looove the 3rd shoe option!

  10. Vegas? Def Edgy! The Geringer or the Vanhove. You need to take these on a test walk. Now you have an excuse to shoe shop...

  11. OMG...I love them all! And I can picture you in them all too! I think Edgy would work great for Vegas. As for the comfort factor...they all look equally painful to me. :)


  12. Their is nothing sexier then a Black high shoe! lol!