Monday, April 26, 2010

Hair help Part 2

Happy Monday Everyone! I hope you all had wonderful weekends full of fun and/or rest. I had a little bit of both :)

Now I told you guys here that I got highlights in my hair a few weeks ago. And I told you guys here about my issues adjusting because the bleach dried my hair out so much.
I used Moroccan Oil which was definitely helpful and a great product, but still my hair was just not the same.

I started getting a bit of breakage in the front and those pieces were wiry and dry. I called my hair girl who told me to get a hair mask with protein and moisturizer in it.

I immediately went to the beauty supply and told the sales person what I needed. He promptly handed me some product I had never heard of and sent me on my way. After using the mask twice I noticed it helping but hair was not the same!

Then the amazing Bren from Chasing Beauty Blog told me I needed to get the mask that Moroccan Oil makes. She informed me there are two kinds and that I needed the hydrating mask.
WELL....A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! It's like a miracle! One use and my hair is soft, silky and shiny the way it was pre-bleach. FINALLY!! I have my hair back!

I highly recommend this product isn't messing around! ;)


  1. i currently use neutrogena triple moisture deep recovery hair mask which works fine for me but i'm really interested to try the moroccan oil.


  2. It is so weird, My friend recently told me about this moroccan oil, and then I read your post about it, and oddly enough, On the news, they just had a segment about it. I am going to need to try this out one day! From everything I have heard, it sounds amazing!

  3. Lovely Outfits & Blog. Hope your Hair looks :)

  4. you are a godsend — was i not JUST telling you i need hair help? truly you are a mindreader :)

  5. I'm so glad it's helping Jamie! The hydrating mask really is a miracle!

  6. love your blog, great inspiration!
    thanks for sharing, love it