Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Take 10

{Cardigan - Aude , T-shirt - Forever21, Jeans - American Eagle Outfitters, Bag - Mulberry, Boots - Blowfish, Necklaces - JLynn Jewelry, Cuff - Vintage, Sun glasses - Steve Madden}

Here are 10 random things about me...

1.) I have a double BA degree in criminal justice and sociology, I modeled for several years, now I am an actress and a personal trainer.

2.) I have a torrid love affair with the city of Paris. Traveling is single handedly my favorite thing in the world.

3.) I believe everything is better with Nutella (especially crepes and martini's), I could eat eggs everyday and Pizza is my favorite food (I have a sensitivity to gluten so I have to have it specially made.)

4.) I love lots of different music from Led Zepplin to Eminem to Rihanna but I have a major girl crush on Lady Gaga...she is fearless.

5.) I can feel fabulous in just about any outfit if I am in love with the shoes I have on.

6.)I am totally girly but I love watching my favorite (Boston) sports teams.

Necklaces by JLynn Jewelry

7.) I can watch Sex and the City over and over and never get sick of it.

8.) My favorite way to reduce stress is to have cocktails with a great friend(s).

9.) I moved to Los Angeles from Boston 8 years ago, my accent is mostly gone and the one thing I miss the most (besides my girlfriends) is Dunkin Donuts coffee ;)

10.) I am always asked if I have hair extensions and the answer is no! :)

Photos by Patti Anglin


  1. so fun to learn more about you! i love paris too and the red sox are my favorite sports team even though i'm from connecticut! i even have a puppy named fenway :) and you are so right about nutella... i think we might be soulmates my dear. perfect outfit as usual!

  2. Now this is what I call an amazing outfit - effortless yet completely elegant...you look like a superstar, my love! I'm especially smitten with the boots and the bag - love Mulberry. And thank you! Finally someone who appreciates Dunkin Donuts and misses their offerings.

    I lived in New Jersey as a child, and my mom brought me to Dunkin Donuts a few times each week for those glazed donut holes - I adored them. Where is the Dunkin Donuts in Southern California?! :/

  3. love your shoes and your bag

  4. Love those shoes! And you hair is so beautiful!

  5. Precious!! Love this post. I could eat pizza everyday...and I still love you even though you're a Celtics fan ;)

    Kimmy D

  6. Gorgeous, gorgeous hair! I love the Mulberry and totally agree about nutella - i could eat a jar-full in one sitting. ew. but true!

  7. Boston!!! I grew up in Newton and Needham. The Bruins are my favorite team of my favorite sport. I love all your shoes!