Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spring Trend: The Romper

I have avoided the romper like the plague since it first started showing it's face a few seasons back. I had this wild image of me trying to pee in a public restroom with one of those on and finding it, well, difficult.

Shopbop has me rethinking my position on this though, with some pretty hot spring rompers. I know it seems a bit premature for some of you who are still experiencing winter, however these can be paired with tights and boots and voila! a winter ensemble!

The best part I am realizing is that all you have to do is throw it on, accessorize and go!

Twenty 8 Twelve Charisse Romper

Dolce Vita Cornelia Romper

Mara Hoffman Halter Romper

Joie Amara Romper

Ever Baxley Romper


  1. Love the romper, or as my BFF and I call them, 'Onesies'.

    I have two, but they are pants styles, but they are fabulous. I wore one to a Christmas party and the host (a guy!) commented on how 'nice it was to see someone dressed up in something other than a dress' - SCORE :)


  2. i love rompers!!!! i like the first and 4th one!!!

    xoxo jenna

  3. Haha just did a post on this (great minds think alike)!! I really love all of these :)


  4. love the twenty8twelve and dolce vita ones — great picks!

  5. The more I see such fabulous rompers, the more I want to buy one! I never in a million years thought I would say that. Lol. Great post!

  6. ROMPERS!...I have one that I got from American Apparel that I love love love....
    the ones you posted are very cute :)

  7. Love love love! that Joie one!! But it's all sold out :(