Friday, March 12, 2010

Cupcake Couture

I was out and about when I stumble upon the cutest cupcake joint called Cupcakes Couture. The cupcakes are almost too pretty to eat, which is fine with me. If you follow my blog you know I am allergic to white flour so I can't eat normal cupcakes. The girls at the shop informed me that if I call ahead they can make me a gluten free version (did I mention they make Nutella frosting?!) Rather than leave empty handed I ordered an ice cappuccino which still felt like a treat :)

{Top - Ann Taylor, Skirt and Belt -H&M, Shoes - Dolce Vita, Bag - Francesco Biasia, Ring - H&M, Necklace - Vintage}

Photos by Patti Anglin


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  2. Today i've visited ur blog for the first time!and it's already saved in my favourite's so i can visit it everyday!
    love ur outfits and ur hair and ur make up!!!

    congrats from SPAIN!

  3. It is a pleasure to have your blog on my site.

  4. OMG, that store is so freaking cute! Cupcakes make me happy :)

  5. Hello, love your blog and your style,it is great

  6. Great bag, Jamie! You love your Dolce Vita shoes too, 'eh!? (this is not the first pair I've seen ;) <3 SO NICE.

    Those cupcakes look AMAZING! WOW! And soo nice they can make them (gluten-free?) special for you if you call ahead. YES!


  7. Beautiful outfit, I love the shoes!
    And those cupcakes look scrumptious :)

  8. Coffee, cupcakes, and couture. Hello, can I just move in? Like immediately?! And can I also have your outfit, because you look too beautiful for words! I truly adore the way you've belted that Ann Taylor top. Isn't Ann Taylor amazing? I am head over heels for basically everything at LOFT at the moment!

    By the way...a cupcake called Let's Waltz? Yes. Please! :)

  9. Red Velvet cupcakes are my favorite! I love Ann Taylor and like Erika basically everything at AT Loft!

  10. delicious cupcakes
    and lovely shoes

  11. Cute shoes girl! This is making me crave a cupcake! Perfect goal for the weekend! cupcakes!! Have a fab weekend doll. xoxo

  12. Oh, those cupcake are divine!

  13. Beautiful photos- you look super chic! I'm not even a fan of cupcakes (frosting is too sweet for me), but that Let's Waltz one looks yummy! Hope you can come to my slumber party- details are on my blog! xo, mel

  14. I'd kill for (long) hair like yours!

    are you naturally black? ops! sorry...I shouldn't ask that....
    ; )


  15. those look really good! I love cupcakes

  16. Where is Couture Cupcakes?! That place looks amazing! I actually make chocolate cupcakes (or peanut butter), with Nutella buttercream frosting. It's pretty much one of my favorite things ever!

    Nice blog!