Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Snake Skinned

When I first laid eyes on these shoes it was love at first sight. Little did I know they would end up being closet trophies and rarely worn. I do still love them, and today I decided this all black outfit could use a pop of color. I really am going to make an effort to incorporate them more.
Do you have pieces in your closet that despite your love for them, you rarely wear?

{Shirt - H&M, Skirt - Old Navy, reworked, Necklace - JLynn Jewelry, Shoes - Jessica Simpson, Bag - Mulberry}

Necklace by JLynn Jewelry

Photos by Patti Anglin


  1. Loving this outfit, and the shoes!

  2. ooooo yummy yummy shoes!!

  3. I have shoes like this (though not as cool) that I have absolutely worn OUT. I think they look great with grey - trousers, skirts - and with cream. You should wear these more, they look great!

  4. Great shoes.

    "Closet Trophies" - I like that!

    I certainly have items in my closet that I haven't worn or am 'saving'. I find myself 'saving' pieces all the time... what am I waiting for, you ask? Oh, just, 'the perfect occassion'. It's ludacris! I need to just wear the items immediately, what's my problem!? LOL.


  5. I'm going to be honest...the pieces in my closet that I love the most, are the ones that I'm the most frightened to wear as I'm worried that I'll ruin them. Sad but true.

    Love the fact that you paired a brown bag (and a Mulberry one at that!) with your little black dress - such a fabulous combination. And I want your shoes!! :)

  6. Hi im your newest follower, i love your style found you on Karla's Closet in her lastest post, just wanted to say your style is lovely!

  7. You look super sexy and classy here! I love your outfit! I would love to get this dress! Thank you so much for commenting on my last post! Words of encouragement are so needed right now! THANK YOU!!!

  8. jamie, you look incredible! the puff sleeves and high waisted skirt create such an amazing silhouette. thank you so much for commenting on my blog — yours is absolutely awesome!