Thursday, March 25, 2010

Prom Circa 2010

Ok my little fashion blogger friends, I have an assignment for you. I have been invited to a formal gala/ball event. Yesterday I found my dress at BCBG and now it is time to accessorize. I am having a difficult time deciding on whether or not to go with black shoes/clutch or gold. I tried it on with both and both look great. I need a second opinion! I am doing shoe/clutch shopping this weekend so if you have something in mind, please share!
Here is the dress:

I am also taking a poll: Hair up, down, half up, pulled back into a sleek pony? Thoughts?? I feel like I am going to prom!! :)


  1. Gorgeous dress. Definitely hair up with that neckline, whether it's a messy bun or sleek ponytail. I'm leaning toward gold, because I think gold heels are so sexy and classic and maybe dangly earrings and a big cuff bracelet. Would love to know what you end up doing!

  2. Since it's a halter, I'd say hair up or pulled back into a neat bun.

    Gold, pewter or silver shoes & clutch

  3. Soft smokey eye... nudish lips... when I see this dress I see bronze goddess for some reason

  4. How fun! I want to go to a ball! This dress is gorgeous. I have the same one in champagne (but the shorter version). Okay, this is what I'd do with it. I'd wear a gold clutch and heels, emerald drop earrings and a gold chunky bracelet or cuff. I found a picture of Cameron Diaz where she has a similar look, but I think her clutch and heels are silver. You're going to look fabulous! Let us know how it goes!

  5. Sleek Pony and gold accessories!

  6. your blog is so cute!
    1 kiss!

  7. If I were to choose between black or gold... definately gold. But honestly, if you have silver, that would be my first pick!!

    As for the hair? Put it up! You need to make sure that dress is the center of attention!!

    Love the dress! Bet it's beautiful on :-)

  8. Hey Jamie!

    Wow! Love the dress - it's gorgeous!

    I would go with gold, or a nude shoe with a punchy-coloured clutch.

    I'd wear the hair in a low, side bun. You have so much hair this would look amazing!

    WHat fun!

  9. i love black, but i think you should go with gold for this one. also, i agree with A.Co that you should do a low, side bun. i had one the other day and i loved it. i don't like to wear my hair up that much, so i think a low side bun would do the trick.

  10. hmm i agree gold with this dress. i say sleek pony or nice chignon at the nape of your neck, also sleek :)
    someone else said they see bronze goddess, i agree. i think it will look amazing with your hair/skin/eye color!
    how fun to get to play dress up :)

  11. Accent with gold - black is too harsh. Sleek pony worn over one shoulder - always elegant.

    And, ummm...yes to your suggestion of an 80s inspired slumber party! I'll bring multiple canisters of hairspray if you supply dessert!! :)

  12. well i would suggest gold accessories. but going to much gold would be too much as well.. maybe mixing a bit of black jewellery wudnt be a bad idea. but u have to mix and match and see for urself!

    but i wudnt go for silver... because the dress is satin white, wud look too bridal!

    xoxo jenna

  13. Hair up, or maybe a low side bun (so hot right now), diamond and crystal jewelry with silver hardware, gorgeous strappy silver shoes, earrings and bangles (no necklace), and maybe a piece of hair jewelry!

    I think you will keep it from looking bridal with the a pop of color in your earrings (maybe turquoise or teal stones), and then carry a fun clutch. Bridal gowns=red carpet now, especially if you're not the one getting hitched!


    Kimmy D

    P.S. Re: Singer 22, totally had to cancel a pre-order on my JC clogs, too! WTF..they have the BEST stuff but seriously lacking shipping times!

  14. Ooh pretty!!

    I definitely say go for some colour like bright shoes or a clutch. You could counter that with black jewelry. I would wear your hair up with earrings. Then maybe some bracelets. :)

  15. WOW! dress is beautiful and so are you :) I would say GOLD all the way! I love your pics through out your blog, your stunning Chica!
    Im a new follower :)

    xxx suzanna

  16. Beautiful dress doll! I see that mostly everyone said gold ;) and being the stylist who always takes the road less traveled I would love to see coral with this dress! But that's not the option you gave me! I also love black with it because it's classic and Coco Chanel. But a black with glitz on it like rhinestones or a gold accent piece on the clutch or even a black and gold beaded clutch would be gorgeous. Definitely hair up to showcase YOU and the dress. I'm sure you'll look glam! xoxo

  17. I love BCBG! Cute cute dress. Love your blog! :)

  18. Thanks for your thoughtful comment :) xxo

  19. Hair up to show of that neckline! I think black or silvery metallics would be very pretty!

    xx Vivian @