Thursday, May 6, 2010

Award time

Lovely Bren from Chasing Beauty Blog has gifted me with this lovely award. The rules are I have to list 7 things about myself and then nominate a few other bloggers for the award.
I told you 10 things about me here so here's 7 more random facts:

1.) I always always always have polished nails. This goes for both fingers and toes. I couldn't imagine leaving the house with naked nails and this includes dead of winter even when wearing boots.

2.)I have this innate need to live near the ocean. The thought of being land locked gives me anxiety. Even if I never go to the beach, just knowing it's there is comforting to me.

3.) I love margaritas. They are pretty much my favorite summer cocktail.

4.) I hate leggings. There. I said it.

5.) I wake up 1.5-2 hours before I have to start my day to have quiet coffee and computer time.

6.) I am extremely independent and I have a difficult time accepting help even when I need it.

7.) I believe in love. Carrie Bradshaw style...Ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can't-live-without-each-other love.

I am passing this award to:

My BBFF Amanda from A.Co. Est.1984
Kimmy at
Erika at Cafe Fashionista

And to all you lovely ladies who come to my blog and comment on a regular means so much to me and this award goes to all of you as well!


  1. i wish i could get up 2 hours before work and just use it to drink coffee and whatnot, but then i'd have to get up around 3:30-4am. :/
    i used to think i hated leggings, but then i tried them one day and turns out...i'm a fan. i love mojitos and long islands and my toes are always, always painted (in black). :)


    Haha I love how you hate leggings. My fiancé isn't a huge fan either. What year were you born? That may have something to do with it...

    I am the total opposite of you. From the minute I get up (on weekdays), I'm running. There is no time to eat, watch the news, go online, NOTHING, just running around getting ready... but I'm one of those always-late-kinda-people but am trying to fix that terrible habit. :)

  3. Congratulations on the award, my love! And thank you, thank you, thank you for passing it along to me - you made my day!

    But could you hate leggings?! They are magical! I practically live in them - at least during the fall/winter!! :)

  4. Cute list

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