Sunday, May 23, 2010

My beach bag essentials

What one puts in their beach bag sets the stage for the beach experience. It is important to bring all the necessary items to make the day enjoyable and fun. I decided to show you what are my must haves for the beach, or since I will be in Vegas this week, the pool.

My bag this year is the Victoria Secret Striped Tote that I got as a free gift with purchase over the Christmas Holiday. I love this bag! It has so much room and the best part is it's reversible!

One never wants to be bloated at the beach so I always bring a few light snacks like fruit or these organic protein bars

Of course I stock up on fashion magazines!

and my Summer read which this year is the new Twilight Book!!

I always have my Ipod to tune out others if need be :)

Make up usually melts in the sun but I love Tarte Cheek Stain for lips and cheeks. It's super easy and mess free!

Sunblock is essential but I hate having that greasy feeling. This stuff is great because it absorbs into your skin and you don't feel like you have any on!

It's important to protect my color treated hair with a protectant spray

And a Straw Fedora for post beach messy hair.

A super soft beach towel is a necessity.

And a fold up beach blanket is great for containing the sand and keeping it compact.

What are your beach bag essentials?

Oh and remember I told you here that I was searching for my Vegas worthy bikini?? Well this one was the winner! :)


  1. Love the bikini...don't forget sunglasses!

  2. i have been meaning to order that bikini since last year!!! lol i just dont have the body for it. enjoy and i love your bag essentials

  3. I love a straw bag with a plastic liner, I skip make up, and lots of water! Enjoy Vegas!

  4. I love this! Great items. I would say mine is pretty much the same! xo

  5. Cute bikini and I'm so excited to read the new Stephenie Meyer book! And I can't wait until my beach vacation... 3 more weeks!

  6. This is almost exactly what I carry with my in my beach bag every time I go to the beach. I love that bikini!

    Yes, let me know how Dry Bar goes! I'd love to see pictures. And how exciting that you're going to vegas! Keep us posted about that too!


  7. Ooh! I love this post very helpful. There's another Twilight book!?! Wow, how did I not hear about that, thanks for letting me know! And I love the bikini, so cute! xoxo

  8. I need a new beach bag so bad! Last year I used a small-ish, nylon cross body that is perfect for Dland trips, but pathetic as a beach bag! LOL! Definitely doesn't hold everything I need. Can't wait to start the new Twi-book! I'm SO looking forward to days spent in the sun with a good read!

    Btw, dry bar sounds good on Wed! I'm pretty sure it'll work out for me, but I can let you know tomorrow. Did you book appts?

    Bren @ Chasing Beauty