Monday, February 8, 2010

A Week of Loving Me

The major thing synonymous with this month is Valentine's day. So it got me thinking, even though it's a made up holiday, it's basically a celebration of love....all love. It's not just a boyfriend or a husband we are celebrating, but girlfriends, sisters, cousins or whoever that provides love and support all year long. (Mom and Dad already have their own day so that's why I didn't list them.)

What about loving self? I mean really, who provides love and support to me more than...well, ME? And not for nothing, but I am the one I show the least appreciation for throughout the year. All too often we get caught up giving to everyone else but ourselves....almost like it's too selfish to recognize that we are worth it.

SO. In honor of loving ourselves, I have decided to try to do something I am calling A Week of Loving Me. I will try to do one thing everyday this week that is just for me. I think that we all deserve a little me time once in awhile!

I would love to hear ideas of things you do to celebrate you.

Day 1
Today I decided to make cupcakes. Normally that wouldn't really be a major deal, but for me it kind of is. I have a sensitivity to gluten which means I never get to enjoy baked goods like most people. Anything that has flour in it I am pretty much allergic to. There are places in NYC that make gluten free versions of these yummy little deserts, but I have yet to discover such a place here in L.A.
I decided to google cupcake recipes when I came across this one from the world famous Magnolia's Bakery.
I substituted the regular flour for a gluten free version, used all organic ingredients and added some food coloring and sweetheart candies to make them Valentine's Day festive...and I certainly did enjoy eating these delicious treats!! :)

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