Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Safety Gloss

If you are a woman living in any modern country you have been victim or know someone who has been a victim of date rape drugs. It's a scary reality and you can never be to careful when you put your drink down for even a minute in a crowded bar.

Now there is actually a lip gloss that has drink testers you can use to determine if your drink is contaminated. This stuff is genius! Talk about double duty beauty!

This stuff was created in the UK and can be found at 2lovemylips.co.uk
(There is a 25% discount code in this months Marie Claire :)
These glosses come in 5 colors: Beautiful Pink, Charismatic Cherry, Sophisticated Coffee, Posh Gloss, and Passionate Pink


  1. Haha....This is such a creative idea!

  2. This is like the most amazing thing ever. I kind of want to buy a tube in every color!! :)